The latest project is a Ulua outrigger sailing canoe, using the plans in Gary Dierking's great book "Building Outrigger Sailing Canoes" Building Outrigger Sailing Canoes

July 4, 2014:  Launch day, on the big waves of Goose Lake, Anchorage Alaska.  

Next stop--Polynesia!  

July 2008: The amas, roughly shaped of styrofoam with a plywood core

December  2008: Found some green, mostly clear, 12' douglas fir 4x4s at Home Depot for $8.00

She Who Must Be Obeyed helped me cut them up into strips for the iakos.

May 2009--very slow progress.  
The single and double iakos are done and varnished.  Getting ready to start the hull.

July 2009.  Making sawdust, lots of sawdust.  Clear cedar is not cheap in Alaska,
and shipping clear cedar is not cheap either.  I found some relatively inexpensive cedar
in Home Depot in lengths to 12 feet and scarfed it into 
boards 20-22 feet in length.  
Today I cut strips, using a table saw with a
7 1/4" thin kerf blade, and 16' 2x6's to support
the boards in and out.  It went well but took a long time.  


Routing the bead and cove

Assembling the frames

October 2009 -finished putting on the strips.  Next step--removing 1,000+ staples.  

March 2010  Working a little on weekends, managed to remove the staples, sand the hull, fiberglass the hull, and last night flipped the hull off the molds.  We have had a lot of snow this winter, and She Who Must Be Obeyed likes to park her car inside in the winter, which takes up half of the Boat Shop.  

Getting ready to fiberglass

After three coats of epoxy

Getting ready to flip the hull

It is starting to look like a boat.  Now scraping, sanding and fiberglassing the inside.  

November 2010  I've been negligent in updating.  Since the last update, I managed to sand and fiberglass the interior and to install  decks and bulkheads.  But winter has returned and 1/2 of the garage has been relinquished for She Who Must Be Obeyed to park in.  Next in line is to build the mast base, splash guard, manus, lee board, and rudder assembly.  

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